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  • Buy new passport malaysia 
  • Renewal of your Malaysian passport online
  • Documents required to renew passport malaysia
  • Can I apply for a Malaysian passport renewal online?
  • Complete the online application
  • Buy Malaysian passport application charge
  • What are the documents for Malaysian passport renewal?
  • What amount of time will it require to accept my new passport?
  • Online Passport Application-Renewal of Passport
  • Passport Photograph Specifications  

Online passport renewals were implemented some years ago, since 2016, however, there are actually numerous Malaysians who are not aware. Buy Malaysia passport from

Buy Malaysian Passport.

The passport Malaysia is generally recognized as a valid travelling document that was issued by the Malaysian Government for the purpose of traveling abroad. The Malaysian Passport consists of 48 pages which is valid for five years.

 Candidates for passport renewals as it were. For first-time applicants, they need to go to the closest passport office to complete their passports. The passport photograph to be uploaded should be a recent one, having 5cm x 3.5cm in size. It tends to be taken by an expert picture taker, or you can take your own photographs and depend on free help like EPassportPhoto to resize your photo to the right specifications. Visit our website.

Renewal of your Malaysian passport online.

According to current guidelines, the photograph background should be white, and the candidate must be wearing dull garments when snapping the picture, in any case, there will be a postponement in your application. Buy Malaysian passport online 

Documents required are as follows:

Passport Application Form 

Right Thumbprint & Signature Notarization 

Registration of Malaysian Citizens Abroad

Current Malaysia Passport and photocopy

Original Malaysian Identity card as well as a photocopy (front and back)

When the renewal has been finished, the receipt should be printed out to gather your passport 

Can I apply for renew passport malaysia online?

It’s additionally conceivable to renew your Malaysian passport online, or possibly complete a piece of the interaction without truly visiting a consular office or migration office. 

Complete the online application 

Transfer a new passport-size photo of yourself, ensuring it meets every one of the necessary specifications (for example not wearing glasses, having a white background) are put in consideration when applying online. Check Out Now.

Buy Malaysian passport application charge. 

Whenever you’ve done this, you will in any case have to visit a migration office face to face to turn in your old records and gather your new passport. Buy Malaysian passport online

Online passport renewal may not be accessible to everybody. For instance, if your passport is lost or harmed, you should apply for a renewal face to face. 

What are the documents for Malaysian passport renewal? 

Whichever application course you pick, the accompanying Malaysian passport renewal reports will be required: 

  • Your old Malaysian passport 
  • Late passport-size photos of yourself 
  • Your Malaysian Identity Card 
  • The submission receipt you used (for online applications). 
What amount of time will it require to accept my new passport? 

If you apply for renew passport malaysia, the date and time for delivery that will be communicated to you upon receiving your order application. 

Online Passport Application-renew passport malaysia. 

Reason: Payment for Malaysia Passports application can be easily paid online via all accessible online payment modes. 

Passport Photograph Specifications 

The background should be white and without shadows. Hued foundations won’t be acknowledged. 

Applicants are needed to wear dull dresses and cover shoulders and chests. 

Applicants who wear scarf or hijabs are needed to wear dim-hued scarfs or hijabs and it’s anything but covering the face. 

Uploaded photographs more likely than not been taken at an expert photograph studio. The transferred softcopy is needed to be in the arrangement given by the photo studio. Polaroid pictures won’t be acknowledged. 

Applications which isn’t meet the specifications recorded above will be required to be postponed and bring about issuance and assortment will be deferred. Buy passports Online.

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