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We offer quality Spanish ID card at affordable price of $498.90 for FAKE ID and $1,140.50 for REAL ID. The validation period is five years.  We want you to feel safe and secure using our website platform.


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Spain national id card from Losing your means for distinguishing proof, Spain’s national id, just as basic archives got annihilate can be genuinely frustrating. This can even be trigger more, especially when you want to travel abroad. You have to buy  real fake documents, which is vital and significant in any of these circumstances;

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The prime inspiration for you buying a  fake id card or fake id card for sale is citizenship by adventure. This is with the desire for you to complimentary traveling all over around the world and unhindered. Likewise, you will be free from intrusive periphery guards and customs authorities. You acquiring a second confirmed worldwide ID card opens entryways offshore. Those countries regularly found on this A-List are China, Brazil, the European Union, Germany, India, Russia, the US, and the UK.

Your assets are be secured and limited Taxes are paid:- 

The best part about you having a phony enlisted fake id card for sale or fake id documents is the twofold citizenship. This serves as the immediate key to decrease the charges and taxes you paid. Also, it broadened the security of your resources. In reality, your life can be spared in risky conditions.

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Are you looking for a fake ID card  sale that is usable to buy online? You’ve come to the fake id generator online  professional. At documents arena , we have mastered the art of making documents that can be used for work, travel or as a replacement by our client worldwide. Undoubtedly, our fake ID card is your appropriate source of purchasing a high-quality fake Italy ID, which would be delivered instantly to your doorstep.

Additionally, we use the latest scheme rudiments and technology, combined with modernistic card manufacturing procedures to produce the superior quality fake ID. With equipment value up to several million dollars, you can be assured of the best quality for your ID card. Clearly, our ID card’s visuals are impressive with the use of holistic, ultraviolet, and holographic film.    

How much does a Fake Spanish ID card cost? is a reputable manufacturer and distributor of real and fake documents, ID cards, driving licenses, and resident permits.

We offer quality Spain national id cards at an affordable price of $498.90 for FAKE ID and $1,140.50 for REAL ID. The validation period is five years.  We want you to feel safe and secure using our website platform.

Indeed, our production techniques are completely computerized, allowing us to deliver high-quality Fake ID cards in few days once your payment has been confirmed.

Is there any distinction between Real and fake ID cards?

Visually, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. At, we manufacture both Real and fake ID cards as well as other documents.

The only distinction is that we are going to register the fake ID cards in the management databases. Obviously, the fake ID card can be detected by a scanner, since it is cheaper.

However, we extremely suggest you get the real ID card if you have the intention of using it often. The selection is at your preference.

How to get a Spanish ID Card online?

At, we impart our many years of professionalism to the fake ID card business, thereby producing fake ID cards in few working days.

We are industrious for our kudos and endeavor to strengthen our fake ID card structure every year. Undoubtedly, we are the apex dominant organization in the business of fake id cards for sale


Above all, it’s very straightforward to place an order for an ID card Fill in the order form now in just a few minutes only.

You can find all necessary information to place an order for an ID card below:

  1.  surname:
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  3.  sex (M or F):
  4.  date and place of birth:
  5.  address:
  6. ID number(optional):
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