Please use  BITCOIN to confirm payment for your order . This is because bitcoin payments are confirmed almost immediately and enable us to ship products quickly.

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How to buy Bitcoin

The process is quite simple and takes a few minutes. The proceeding can vary, depending on the crypto-purchase provider (i.e. MoonPay, Simplex, Indacoin):

  • Select a default currency which can be USD, GBP or EUR from the widget menu.
  • Set the fiat amount and choose the crypto you want to buy. Transaction limits are set depending on the chosen crypto purchase provider. Detailed information on limits and fees for each provider is given below.
  • Carefully check the rate and the amount you are going to receive.
  • Specify your cryptocurrency wallet address and proceed to purchase cryptocurrency.
  • In some cases, you will need to verify your email address by entering a 4-digit verification code you get in your email inbox.
  • Enter your billing and residential addresses to proceed.
  • Provide your bank card data.
  • If it’s your first crypto purchase on Changelly, proof of identity will be required. To verify yourself you’ll need to upload the front and back of the document you’ll choose:
    • International passport
    • National ID card
    • Driving licence
  • In most cases, you will also need to upload a selfie. It usually takes between two and thirty minutes to verify your identity.
  • Within 5-30 minutes, your transaction will be complete and you will receive cryptocurrency to your wallet and transaction details to the provided email.

For detailed guide in the Video below


Once you’ve placed your order and chose Bitcoin as your method of payment on the checkout page, you will find a message with our Bitcoin Wallet Address. Now you just need to copy the bitcoin wallet address, go to your bitcoin account, and send payment to our bitcoin address.

Once payment is successfully sent, email us a screenshot of the transaction to our support email, which is with your order number as the email subject.

Send Bitcoin payment to our Bitcoin wallet address : 1FFKGnazFkkVsPyqn56dVa6bdnikHzcqSJ and send us a payment screenshot to our sales email at with your email subject as your order number.