Dual Canadian citizens

Reasons to travel with a Valid Canadian Passport 

A Valid Canadian passport is essential for Dual Canadian citizens

Dual Canadian citizens won’t be able to transit or travel through Canada via air with the use of a non-Canadian passport. For successful and stress-free travel. A valid Canadian passport is needed to book your flight. 

Importantly, a valid Canadian passport is needed to take a flight to Canada. This is essential if your country needs you to enter and leave that nation utilizing a government-issued passport. Meanwhile, ensure the two passports are within your reach anytime you travel. buy fake Canadian passport

Moreover, it is essential to know your eligibility for an exceptional authorization to get take the flight to Canada. Notably, a special authorization maybe if you met the following criteria; 

  • You have not been given a Canadian visa that is legitimate upon the arrival of your travel 
  • You have a flight to Canada and it will leave the country in less than 10 days 
  •  possess a valid Canadian from a visa-excluded country 
  • You are not a Canadian-American dual citizen 
  • While meeting one of the below criteria is also essential; 
  • You have initially gotten a certificate of Canadian citizenship, or 
  •  held a Canadian visa before, or 
  • You were issued Canadian citizenship subsequent to having been a Canada permanent Canada. buy Canadian passport.

Applying for a Canadian passport 

A proof of Canadian citizenship to apply for a Canadian visa, passport. Adhere to these guidelines to apply for a passport in the event that you have unique evidence of Canadian citizenship, are applying from outside Canada and the US, and: 

You have never had a Canadian visa, or 

Your passport has been terminated for greater the 1) year, or 

You were given a Canadian identification at the age below 16 years.  

In the event that you don’t have confirmation of Canadian citizenship 

Meanwhile, you should present a unique verification of citizenship with your visa application. See this rundown of satisfactory verifications of Canadian citizenship documents. how to buy canadian passport.

Reasons to travel with a Valid Canadian Passport 

Some years ago, an electronic framework that will confirm that all travelers have a proper travel document. Before they can get on board a flight to Canada was implemented by the new Government of Canada. Importantly, the implementation of this process will occur automatically during check-in for the flight which ensured the travel document is scanned. 

Moreover, this change is important for a more extensive Canada Government to point toward guaranteeing that all Canada-bound travelers have suitable travel documents to enter the country before they load onto their flight. 

Considering the Canadian citizens, including dual Canadian citizens, you should introduce a worthy travel document that reveals that you are a Canadian. To effectively implement this, a valid Canadian passport (or a Canadian passport including temporary or emergency travel document) to permit airline workers and line authorities to affirm that you are Canadian. 

Renew your Canadian passport @ Documentsarena.com

  • Notably, your current Canadian passport is ready to be renewed if:
  • It’s Valid or expired for not less than a year 
  • Have been given with a 5-year or 10-year legitimacy, 
  • Not damaged in any form. 
  • It has no record of been accounted stolen or lost 
  • It’s has been issued when you are 16 years or above.  
  • It must have the same name, sex, date, and place of birth that will be used to register the new passport.  

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